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With CubitBlack, professionals can monitor market risks and control portfolio risks with high efficiencies. For investment managers With high-level data science, CubitBlack dramatically decreases strategy-building time and trading effectiveness. Visit Use CubitBlack to see the platform in actions.

CubitBlack vectorizes fundamental financial metrics to measure intrinsic values. It is fundamentally focused and quantitative driven. That's how we help professionals build high-level portfolios and trading strategies.

How can we help

If you manage equity or ETF portfolios, our CubitBlack Pro can help you screen opportunities, run momentum strategies and analyze risks on each security and portfolio. You can backtest, document, pretrade, and simulate security prices and optimize strategies.

For complete PM services, we review and optimize your portfolios, provide full supports including monthly commentary for your portfolios, and fee-based transition services. Contact us for our PM Services.

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If you are a client of Synertree's PM services, you already have access to this platform. Please login with your email address and password. To learn more about the firm and the platform, visit visit About Synertree. For service pricings, Services & Pricings for details. We offer a one-week free trial. No payment info is required. Register now